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Like most creative people, if I do not have an outlet, I drive myself crazy. Writing was and will always be my first love. I do more of it than anything else. But drawing has always been apart of me too.
  • Listening to: Bon Iver
  • Reading: Sherlock Homes
  • Watching: Doctor WHo
  • Playing: Deus Ex: Human Revolution
Created by Felon-E

Aaron Hotchner - 4/10
[] your friends/family think you overwork yourself
[] you are generally always serious
[] your job/work is your life
[] your belief in justice keeps you going
[] it is rare to see you smile
[x] you prefer the role of leader
[x] you've lost someone you deeply love
[] you want to save everyone
[x] you always find a reason to smile
[x] you initially come off as daunting, but have a good soul

J.J - 7/10
[x] you're pretty and tough
[x] your hardest work is behind the scenes
[x] you understand people, and pick up on their emotions
[] you're afraid of getting hurt, and hurting others
[x] you have a piece of jewelery you wear sacredly
[x] you grew up in a small town
[x] you work tirelessly and you're driven
[] you work well with others
[x] you're a good public speaker
[] you've had a suicide hit close to home

Emily Prentiss - 7/10
[x] you hate politics
[] you did anything to fit in as a kid/teen
[x] you can speak more than one language
[x] you've always been something of an outcast
[x] your friends are your family
[] you have a cat
[x] you've lied about who you are
[] you're willing to risk your neck for anyone in trouble
[x] people don't know that much about you/your past (your demons)
[x] you have a crappy love life

Derek Morgan - 6/10
[] you're smooth with the other gender
[x] it takes a lot for you to trust someone
[x] you have conflicting faith
[] you're physically fit
[x] your friends come to you for help
[] you had a rough time growing up
[] you always put others before yourself
[x] you listen to your music to wind down
[x] you need to be in control
[x] you have a friend you love to tease

Spencer Reid - 9/10
[x] your handwriting is messy
[x] you weren't good socially as a kid/teen
[x] people think you are abnormally smart/talented
[x] you dress in a geeky fashion
[x] you refuse to give up on a task
[x] you were teased as a kid/teen
[x] you're pretty tall
[x] you like star wars/trek
[]you have a bad relationship with your father
[x] you drink A LOT of coffee and or tea

Jason Gideon - 3/10
[x] you put your heart into your work
[] you have a deep understanding of people
[] you are very good at chess
[x] you tend to stray from reality when in deep thought
[] you like birds and or trains
[] you feel responsible for the death around you
[x] your intelligence plagues you
[x] you need time alone to think
[] you get along with people, but you aren't really social
[] you always count your blessings

David Rossi - 5/10
[x] you enjoy a drink now and again
[x] you write
[] people look up to you
[] you're the older one in your group of friends/family
[x] you believe people choose what they are capable of
[x] you have something to prove to yourself
[] you've had a bunch of failed relationships, but are still in the game
[] you ultimately feel you're in this alone, and that doesn't phase you
[x] you can always make someone smile
[] It pains you to see others make your past mistakes

Penelope Garcia - 2/10
[] you lost your parents
[x] you love your technology
[] you're bubbly and sweet
[x] you have your own unique fashion
[] you try to believe in the good in everyone
[] you love to flirt and play with your friends
[] you have someone cuddly and close
[] you hate horror films and gore
[] you're an optimist
[] you paint your world in your colors, shyness is a foreign word to you

SO. Spencer Reid is the man. That's all I have to say.

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